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Building and Construction Industry Update - Changes to BCIPA Passed By Parliament

6th November 2014

BUILDING AND CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY UPDATE  CHANGES TO BCIPA PASSED BY PARLIAMENT Members of the Queensland Law Society building and construction referral panel were... read more…

"Court" in the crossfire - how to deal with subpoenas for production

16th July 2014

What is a subpoena? A subpoena is a sealed court document which is issued by the court at the request of a party to litigation.  Subpoenas are commonly used to compel... read more…

Rights in commingled goods - The benefits of registering your security interest on the PPSR

21st May 2014

In our previous article we discussed the risks suppliers of goods on credit face by failing to register any security interests they have (including those arising from... read more…

Failing to register personal property securities: Are you prejudicing other securities?

22nd January 2014

The recent case of Industrial Progress Corporation Pty Ltd v Wilson highlights a potential problem for creditors who have personal property securities in credit application... read more…